Works of Geronimo Label



1.Like Nothing Happened  2.You See How We're Fucked Over  3.Devastated  4.Negative  5.Can't Help Going Mad  6.FUKUSHIMA 311  7.Refugee

Most of songs were written after 3.11 Fukushima nuclear disaster. Yes, this album is just focused on "air" of Japan. Sorrow, anger, despair and never-ending rock'n roll!

CD/¥1500  mini album with 7 songs / 2012    iTunes amazon

I Won't Go Back Home Anymore

1.Despair Boogie  2.Never Expect Today to Be Like Yesterday, Nor Tomorrow Like Today  3. This May Be the Last Time  4. A Man Who's Called the Prime Minister  5. Exposed  6. The World as They Want It  7. I Won't Go Back Home Anymore  8. You May Lose Your Friend  9. Clearance: Under the Name of Work  10. Couldn't Believe My Eyes  11. Live in Wild Times  12. Always a Fool  13. Grand Efforts for Nothing  14. Dream of Guevara, Dream of Zapata  15. Once You Have Decided

From edged beat, rough boogie, to fake bossa nova. Rock'n roll from Far East, solid like a skeleton but with various taste.

CD/¥2000  2nd album with 15 songs / 2009    iTunes amazon


A Happy Easy Man Who Paid For It

1.Loss and Profit  2.Infatuated With What I Can't Speak Of  3.Evident  4.Shark  5.Platitude  6. Shadow Through the Darkness  7. A Man Who Can't Die  8. Do From The Sky As They Want  9. Eternal Justice  10. Enjoying Man  11.This Lucky Time  12.Easy Game  13.Lost Confidence and Ended Up  14. A Happy Easy Man Who Paid for It  15.Survive Anyway

1st full album of Geronimo Label, released when we were 3 piece band.

CD/¥2000  1st album with 15 songs / 2002    iTunes amazon

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